Bedside to the Cloud and Back

This project is developing a system-based workflow to securely acquire wireless data from mechanical ventilators in critical care environments, and leverage scalable web-based analytic platforms to advance data analytics and visualization of issues surrounding patients with respiratory failure.

Researchers involved at UC Davis:

Sponsor: CITRIS and UC Davis Health System

More information is available at the UC Davis ventilator project web site.

Publications resulting from this project:

Jason Adams, Monica Lieng, Brooks Kuhn, Edward Guo, Edik Simonian, Sean Peisert, JP Delplanque, and Nick Anderson, “Automated Mechanical Ventilator Waveform Analysis of Patient-Ventilator Asynchrony,” CHEST Journal, 148(4), October 2015. [bib | DOI | CDL]

More information is available on other Berkeley Lab R&D projects focusing on cybersecurity in general, as well as specifically on cybersecurity for scientific and high-performance computing.