Differential Privacy

Privacy-Preserving, Collective Cyberattack Defense of DERs

This project aims to develop, apply, and test a technique for enabling collective defense of distribution grids with significant penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) and responsive loads, by leveraging a privacy-preserving method of data sharing without exposing raw data that might contain personally identifiable information (PII) or that might otherwise be considered national security information that could be leveraged by adversaries to more effectively compromise and potentially destabilize portions of the electric grid. It is funded by DOE CESER’s RMT program and is led by Sean Peisert.

Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis for Scientific Discovery

This project aims to produce methods, processes, and architectures applicable to a variety of scientific computing domains that enables querying, machine learning, and analysis of data while protecting against releasing sensitive information beyond pre-defined bounds. It is supported by LBNL CSR funds and is led by Sean Peisert.

Provable Anonymization of Grid Data for Cyberattack Detection

This project aims to develop techniques for enabling data analysis for the purposes of detecting and/or investigating cyberattacks against energy delivery systems while also preserving aspects of key confidentiality elements within the underlying raw data being analyzed. The result will be a complete solution for anonymization of data collected from OT and IT networks pertaining to energy grid cyberattack detection that has been tested for its ability to retain privacy properties and still enable attack detection. It is funded by DOE CESER’s CEDS program and is led by Sean Peisert.

Securing Solar for the Grid (S2G)

This project aims to develop an understanding of security and performance requirements for the use of AI high solar / IBR / DER penetration scenarios, and also to develop an understanding of understanding power grid data confidentiality and privacy requirements. It is funded by DOE’s SETO office and is co-led by Sean Peisert and Daniel Arnold.