Supervisory Parameter Adjustment for Distribution Energy Storage (SPADES) - Year 1 Workshop


LBNL held the first workshop for the SPADES project on Dec. 2, 2020 where the project participants convened to discuss progress made over the past year as well as plan for work to be conducted during Year 2. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop was held virtually.


Daniel Arnold (Principal Investigator), LBNL
Sean Peisert, LBNL
Ciaran Roberts, LBNL
Sy-Toan Ngo, LBNL
Michael Sankur, LBNL
David Pinney, NRECA,
Lisa Slaughter, NRECA,
Bruno Leao, Siemens CT,
Sindhu Suresh, Siemens CT,
Siddharth Bhela, Siemens CT,
Dan Grinkevich, Siemens CT,
Anna Scaglione, ASU,
Ignacio Losada Carreno, ASU,

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Agenda


Introductory Remarks, Daniel Arnold (LBNL)

Storage and Control Module Architecture in PyCIGAR, Michael Sankur and Sy-Toan Ngo (LBNL)

Grid Forming/following & Active Load Stability Simulation, Ciaran Roberts (LBNL)

Open Modeling Framework (OMF) Updates. Use Case Analysis, Network Reduction, David Pinney & Lisa Slaughter (NRECA)

Red Team Planning/Methodology, Bruno Leao (Siemens)

Log(V) 3LPF: A linearized solution to train reinforcement learning algorithms for unbalanced distribution systems, Ignacio Losada Carreno (ASU)

Concluding Remarks, Daniel Arnold (LBNL)

Workshop Q&A