Supervisory Parameter Adjustment for Distribution Energy Storage (SPADES) - Year 2 Workshop


LBNL held the second workshop for the SPADES project in Dec. 2022 where the project partners presented deep dives into work conducted in the second year of the project. Presentations from project partners are included below:


Daniel Arnold (Principal Investigator), LBNL
Ciaran Roberts, LBNL
Sy-Toan Ngo, LBNL
David Pinney, NRECA,
Lisa Slaughter, NRECA,
Bruno Leao, Siemens CT,
Sindhu Suresh, Siemens CT,
Siddharth Bhela, Siemens CT,
Dan Grinkevich, Siemens CT,
Anna Scaglione, ASU,
Ignacio Losada Carreno, Cornell Tech,
Tong Wu, Cornell Tech,


LBNL (Sy-Toan Ngo)

NRECA (David Pinney)

Siemens CT (Bruno Leao)

Cornell Tech (Ignacio Losada Carreno, Tong Wu)