Cybersecurity via Inverter Grid Automatic Reconfiguration (CIGAR) - Year 3 (End of Project) Workshop


LBNL held an end of project workshop for the CIGAR project on Mar. 17, 2021 where project participants, stakeholders, and advisors were convened to discuss outcomes of the CIGAR project. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop was held virtually.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Agenda


Introductory Remarks and Project Overview, Sean Peisert and Daniel Arnold (LBNL)

Reinforcement Learning and PyCIGAR Architecture, Sy-Toan Ngo and Daniel Arnold (LBNL)

Simulation Experiments/Results, Ciaran Roberts (LBNL)

Integration of PyCIGAR into NRECA OMF and Demo, David Pinney (NRECA)

ASU Linearized Power Flow Model and SoDa, Ignacio Losada Carreno (ASU)

Siemens Internal Tech Transfer Tool, Graph Convolutional Neural Networks and RL Extensions, Anton Kocheturov (Siemens)

Key Findings and Future Research Directions, Daniel Arnold (LBNL)